Media Coverage

The events at the University created some media coverage which we try to collect here in chronological order.

Times Higher Education, 12th of March 2021 – Leicester drops promotion of work by academics facing redundancy

Times Higher Education, 15th of March 2021 – Is critical management studies still welcome in business schools?

Leicestermercury, 29th of March 2021 – Liz Kendall MP shares ‚concerns‘ over redundancy process at University of Leicester

ITV News, 31st of March 2021 – University of Leicester Staff Interview for ITV News

Leicestermercury, 1st of April – University of Leicester staff threaten strike action over ‚morally bankrupt‘ redundancies plan

The Guardian, 8th of April 2021 – University of Leicester threatens to strip professor of title over social media barbs

Leicester Student Magazine, 27th of April 2021 – Proposed redundancy seen as attack on academic freedom provokes anger

Career guidance for social justice, 29th of April 2021 – What is going on at the University of Leicester?

Times Higher Education, 4th of May 2021 – Leicester hit with union boycott in jobs row

Leicestermercury, 20th of May 2021 – Academics turn down University of Leicester projects over controversial planned redundancies

Times Higher Education, 1st of July 2021 – From Richard III to boycott: where did it go wrong at Leicester?