This site documents the purge of Critical Management Studies and Political Economy at the University of Leicester School of Business (USLB), which took place in 2021. While focusing on the events at the Business School, it also sheds light on vice-chancellor Nishan Canagarajah’s University-wide „Shaping for Excellence“ programme and the public attention and outcry that the events at ULSB and „Shaping for Excellence“ created.

On 18th January 2021, Henrietta O’Connor, the Head of the College of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities (CSSAH) announced the plan to „disinvest from scholarship in Critical Management Studies and Political Economy“ at the Business School. Sixteen colleagues received letters informing them that they were at risk of redundancy. In total, across the University 145 employees – in four other academic departments and three professional services units – received similar letters. As a direct result of Canagarajah’s strategy, by August more than 150 staff had left University of Leicester – some were dismissed, many accepted so-called „voluntary“ redundancy, numerous others resigned in disgust. This included at least 20 scholars from the School of Business.

To start with and to get a first understanding of the overall process and the managerial damage done, we recommend this article by Deborah Toner (then Campaigns and Social Media Officer of the University of Leicester branch of UCU), who discusses the situation at the end of April 2021: What is going on at the University of Leicester?

We dedicate this site to all the people who lost their jobs at University of Leicester or were otherwise forced out, to those colleagues who were intimidated and badly treated by the University’s management, and to all those who demonstrated solidarity, who cared for and supported us, throughout these events.

This site is work-in-progress. That means we will update and develop it in the future. For comments or suggestions you can send an e-mail to ulsb16@gmail.com.